A Note From Sarah: Holiday Season

Happy Holidays! 

‘Tis the season and all that jazz. This year as we approach the winter solstice, and our days are short and the nights long, we are thinking ahead to next years crop.

Chill hours are one of the critical things we monitor. Stone fruits require temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit for a specific number of hours to make, or “set”, good fruit buds, which translates to the crop the trees will produce in 2019. This year we running just a hair behind 2015, which was a cold year. That’s all good news for anyone who’s looking forward to the fruit we produce for their CSA boxes next summer.

Our tree team is pruning away broken and spent branches, shaping and planning the trees structures so they will be able to bare the weight of next years crop without damaging their central supports. 

Our ground crews are raking the prunings away from the base of the trees so the compost we apply can get close to base of the trees where the roots can access the nutrients. 

In the offices we’re answering phones and shipping out our value added products to people across the Nation through our mail order. 

In our homes we’re trying to manage all the above while also driving kids to sports or dance and preparing for family to be in town for Christmas. And somehow we’ve got to find the perfect gift for everyone we cherish.

The best gift we can give? Our time and of course, the gift of what we produce. We put our heats and our souls into what we do, what better way to wish people a wonderful holiday season than to give them a part of that?!? 

We hope each of you know the value we place in you and your commitment to our farm by belonging to our CSA community.