Recipe: Fall Fruit & Honey Appetizer


Chef Mario served this dish at a recent farm event and it was a huge hit! Perfect appetizer for fall using our very own fuyu persimmons or warren pears with ricotta and Frog Hollow Blast Honey from Miss Bee Haven.

fuyu honey and cheese appetizer.jpg


  • 4 Fuyu Persimmons or Warren Pears sliced into eighths with stem and any seeds removed.

  • 1 container of your favorite ricotta cheese (we used bellwether basket ricotta cheese)

  • 3-6 table spoons of honey


  1. Flip or spoon ricotta cheese into the middle of a plate.

  2. Arrange sliced persimmons around the cheese in concentric circles.

  3. Drizzle honey over ricotta.

  4. Sprinkle with salt if desired.

  5. Serve & enjoy!