Note from Farmer Al: November 26, 2018

Dear CSA Members,

As we grieve for the people of Paradise and their loss, we are so grateful for the rain and the respite it brings to all of California in so many ways. For me its the restoration of this beautiful farm. This morning I looked to the east and had a crustal clear view of the Sierra Nevada Eange, covered in billowy silver, gray and white clouds.

And just now, as my daughters Maddie & Millie returned from a walk in the orchard, Maddie exclaimed "Dad, the orchard looks like its on fire!" The colors are blazing, almost florescent in the late afternoon sun. Autumn has arrived in all its rich gold, coppers, yellows, bronzes, reds, crimsons and magenta hues. Everything is clean and bright. Gone is the smoke and the dust. We have so much to be thankful for.

Farmer Al