A Note from Mario

Orchard walk.JPG

Dear CSA Members,

It’s been almost two weeks since the first day of

Autumn. The endless abundance of stone fruits, from Opals to Autumn flames, are now just a distant food memory as we welcome the heady scent of ripe pears, the succulent Hosui and the sparkling jewels of pomegranates. Flavors of intense sweetness and bright acidity have now been replaced with fruits with more handsome, unadorned and regal flavors of Shinko pears and persimmons.

From tank tops to a V-neck sweater. From fresh to roasted. From Air conditioners to space heaters.

People say that California has no seasons, but I humbly disagree. I believe they just aren’t looking in the right place. Produce, the scent of the first rain of the season, the decaying leaves, all tell me that fall is here. And we are here to celebrate its subtle and delicious changes. With all the seasonal changes that occur at the farm, seeing farmer Al in his overalls driving his golf cart through the orchard gives us all great comfort and

excitement for what is to come.

Organically yours,