A Note from Farmer Al

Our Tree Team at work pruning the apricot trees

Our Tree Team at work pruning the apricot trees

Dear CSA members,

Finally Fall has arrived with cooler weather and rain coming, after weeks of hot weather. The work in the fields has slowed down after weeks of intense pressure to pick fruit at just the perfect moment of ripeness, and then deliver it to customers. I'm so grateful to the people who get this done: our "Tree Team", who pick the fruit; and, the Packing Shed Team, who grade the fruit and pack it into boxes. And, there's the "Ground Team", the men who manage irrigation, weed control, fertilizer and compost. It takes a carefully orchestrated effort, with teamwork be- tween everyone, to get the job done.

The work now turns to getting the trees ready for next year's crop; the tree team focus is on pruning apricots. Our Goldensweet had no crop at all this year, and with no crop, branch growth was vigorous, meaning more pruning. the "Ground Team" focus is on the compost: making it and spreading it. It's sweaty, dusty work. Made worse this year by the pall of smoke from CA wildfires.

A little rain right now will be a welcome change!