Recipe: Jane's Summer Peach Salsa

Peach Tomato Salsa

Peach Tomato Salsa

Veterans to CSAs but new to Frog Hollow and California, Jane and her husband Curtis are loving the sweet fruits of their CSA Box. They haven’t been able to decide on a favorite fruit yet, but peaches are up there on the list. Thanks for the recipe Jane!

1 or 2 large peaches or 3-4 smaller peaches
2 or 3 favorite heirloom tomatoes
your favorite green herb
olive oil salt
fresh ground pepper

Preparation Wash the peaches and cut them in half. Then after taking out the stone seed, chop coarsely, and squeeze a bit of lemon onto them so they don’t brown or discolor. Then chop a few favorite heirloom tomatoes. Try Early Girl or Black Brandywine or any Brandywine tomatoes, or the Old Germans if you’re lucky enough to find one of those! Coarsely chop tomatoes and then select your favorite fresh green herb and slice into a chiffonade. Jane’s favorite so far this summer has been tarragon, but any variety of basil, cilantro, lemon verbena, bronze fennel, really any fragrant fresh herb will do depending on what you’re preparing to go with the salsa.

Add the fresh herbs, then sprinkle with good extra virgin olive oil, a bit of sea salt & fresh ground pepper and another very healthy squeeze of fresh lemon. Mix together & serve. Note that a finer sea salt will extract lots more fluid out of the fruit than using a coarse salt like a kosher or large grained grey salt. Salt just before serving and squeeze extra lemon, Meyer lemon or lime on the dish. The salsa is also good refrigerated for an hour to give it a chill or chill your ingredients beforehand.

This salsa is best used right away, but Jane’s had it overnight in her fridge to be eaten the following day with success.

The Summer Peach Salsa is good on main courses, be they meat, fish or vegetarian, is fabulous with chips, in wraps or really just eaten by itself!

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