Recipe: Grilled Ricotta Stuffed Peach with Prosciutto

Grilled Ricotta Stuffed Peach with Prosciutto

Thanks to Ashleigh (Orinda) for submitting this recipe. In addition to making delicious dishes from our fruit, Ashleigh and her daughters, Erin (4) and Robin (2), are busy canning for winter and making fruit leather. Fun!

Ingredients 4 peaches, ripe 1 cup ricotta 4 slices prosciutto Salt Pepper Good quality olive oil and balsamic Torn greens

Preparation Cut peaches in half and remove pit. Divide the ricotta cheese among the four peaches, filling the hole left by the pit. Close peaches and wrap each one with one slice of prosciutto.

Grill peaches over medium heat until cheese softens and prosciutto crisps, a few minutes.

Place one peach on top of a bed of greens. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle oil and vinegar on top. Serve warm.