Alexa Senter

CSA Outreach and Marketing

Alexa handles the CSA's outreach and marketing. She is from Santa Barbara County where she grew up visiting, farms, markets, and kitchens with her dad who was a produce wholesaler. Lucky enough to experience a lot of great cooking from an early age, she's carried a passion for good food throughout her life and career.

She worked, traveled and studied in Mexico, Cuba, Chile and Argentina which lead to a Latin American Studies degree from the University of Texas in Austin where she focused on agricultural practices in the region. While living New York City after college Alexa began working with food more seriously, first in retail and then farmers markets, getting to know the wide world of fruit, starting with apples and pears in the Hudson River Valley. After moving back to Austin, Texas she worked with lots of great farmers and ran production for a local pate company which eventually lead to running a unique farmers market that incubated small farms, value-added food businesses, and artists.

After a brief stint in delicious Vermont, Alexa landed back in home-sweet-home California where she worked continued working in local food systems. Before working at Frog Hollow Farm she led a gleaning program in Santa Barbara County called Backyard Bounty. The program helped keep produce (mostly citrus and avocados) from going to waste by using volunteer labor to harvest the produce for the local food bank.

Over the years she has come to learn and appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to grow fruit. She loves seeing vegetables grow from seed each year but feels like there is something special about the long-term commitment it takes to growing fruit trees. One of her favorite places to be, is walking through an orchard in bloom.

While Alexa has always lived in communities that have incredible produce, the lack of access to the fresh food (especially by the people who grow and cook it) has struck Alexa repeatedly throughout her career and she is interested in finding food production systems that benefit farmers, processors, and workers.

Happily home in California Alexa loves photography, history, and cooking. She also owns a small Community Supported Bakery with her husband in the East Bay where she loves to feature seasonal fruit in fresh made baked goods.

Alexa is a sucker for any good fruit, especially when they are so tart they make your mouth pucker. Favorite varieties include Brooks Cherries, Fantasia Nectarines, Spitzenburg Apples, Nabal Avocados, Tarocco Blood Oranges and whatever tangerines grew in her grandma's backyard.