About Our Fruit


At Frog Hollow we have a strong commitment to sustainable production and operational practices, and to producing food that tastes like food is supposed to taste - delicious. We ask our members to embrace our values and partner with us in caring for our planet by choosing flavor over appearance.

We work hard to hand select and grow varieties that produce amazing flavors and textures. Many of the varieties we grow are no longer grown for commercial production because they are fragile and can’t withstand the handling required by most retail channels.

We let our stone fruit ripen on the tree because we believe tree-ripe stone fruit is superior in flavor to those fruits picked under-ripe. Ripe fruit is easily bruised, but we embrace a little bruising for eat over the sink juicy deliciousness.

We strongly believe in eating as much of the harvest as possible and pack fruit that tastes good but doesn’t necessarily look perfect. You may find fruit with scarring, slight bruising, or small or large pieces of fruit.

Food waste is of growing concern nationally and globally due to the impact wasting food has on our environment, and in contributing to global food insecurity. Today, an estimated 30-40% of the food in the United States is thrown away and the precious resources it took to grow the food are wasted. Food sent to the landfill decomposes to produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas, which is 20 times as effective at trapping atmospheric heat than carbon.

These are serious issues, which we are striving to address and ask our members to become part of a CSA community that seeks fruit that is full of flavor, personality, and nuance but that may not always look perfect.